WordCamp Stockholm – Practical Information

When in Sweden

  • It’s good to know that most Swedes will speak and understand English at a good level.
  • In general you can use a credit card to buy things almost everywhere. Beware that cash is not always accepted, for example public transport usually won’t accept cash and you need to buy tickets in advance. Public transport in Stockholm is called SL. Train tickets can be bought at SJ, you can’t buy tickets for SJ’s train services onboard so do it before you enter the train.
  • Out time zone is UTC+1.


Registration on Tuesday starts at 8 am in the main lobby of the venue. There will be other tracks than WordCamp and registration will be combined with thoose tracks, as part of Internetdagarna.

Getting around at the venue

We have two tracks, “Main hall” will take place in room “A1”, 4th floor. “Secondary hall” will take place in the “Bar” area.

Venue map


Check out the schedule for the conference day.


There’ll be a afterparty combined with the other events taking place at Internetdagarna. It starts at 5pm.

Contributor Day

If you have signed up for the contributor day, The contributor day will take place at the Bonnier Tidskrifter office. Read more in this post about contributor day.

WordCamp staff

Our volunteers will be dressed in t-shirts with our logo on them. Don’t hesitate to ask any of them if you need help with finding your way around or have any questions about the event.

Venue address

Nils Ericsons Plan 4
111 64 Stockholm

Check out the venue website for detailed descriptions on how to get there.

Meet Jimmy and Toni – speakers with a passion for continous delivery

Jimmy Rosén and Toni Cherfan

Meet Jimmy and Toni, both working in Norrköping, Östergötland, for clients using WordPress. They will share their knowledge on processes and continous delivery.

What are your current titles and roles?

Jimmy: I am the CEO of Angry Creative & Synotio. I oversee process and important projects at Angry Creative & Synotio.

Toni: I am the CTO at Synotio. I architect beautiful solutions and help clients scale their applications.

How did you first get started with WordPress?

Jimmy: I got in contact with it while designing and programming in my dorm room. Earliest contact was already in 2005, but I began working more professionally with WordPress 2007 and full-time in 2009 after I finished my masters degree.

Toni: I worked as a sysadmin, and it is pretty much impossible to do that without coming in contact with WordPress.

How do you work with WordPress today?

Jimmy: We do custom development, management and hosting. We’re very good with the technical aspects and our bureau partners and clients can rely that we deliver a rock-solid service where they don’t have to worry.

Toni: I mainly work with helping clients with very high amounts of visitors optimise their application and surrounding components for peak performance. I also help build process so that we maintain a very high level of security while developers get just the right amount of access for doing their job.

What do you like most about WordPress?

Jimmy: The community and that there are som many people willing to give and share their knowledge. Its a beautiful thing. Open source helps to build both micro and macro economies.

Toni: It has a very large community with a lot of pre-built components. It is pretty easy to fork and/or contribute, making development projects very fast compared to other solutions.

How do you see WordPress changing in the next few years?

Jimmy: I think WordPress will have an even larger market share. I truly hope that more open source projects in the community ship tests with their plugins, and that a lot of the legacy code in strange architecture in core gets revamped. And I hope that we can help with that.

Toni: I think more enterprise clients will choose WordPress, and this will reflect the direction of core and the entire ecosystem.

Why did you decide to speak about “From cowboy coding to continuous delivery” this year?

Jimmy: Our community needs a greater understanding about process and why it is important. By telling about our mistakes over the last 10+ years I hope that we can help others.

Toni: What he said. 

Are there any other sessions at WordCamp Stockholm that you look forward to?

Jimmy: A ton of them! Im excited to hear Niklas Högefjords talk on “Skyldig tills motsatsen bevisats – om support på open source-produkter”. A lot of people think of open source in the wrong way. The proper way is to think is free as in free speech, not free beer.

Toni: I mostly came for the free beer. 

Meet Erik Bernskiöld – speaker and founder of Bernskiold Media

Erik Bernskiöld

What is your current title and role?

I’m the Managing Director and Founder of boutique digital agency Bernskiold Media. I spend my days working primarily with web & digital strategy for our customers, but can’t really leave the hands-on development/design things behind either.

How did you first get started with WordPress?

I got into WordPress around version 2.1, which doesn’t feel that long ago, until I start looking back at the history and evolvement of WordPress since then. It’s matured in ways I could never see happen.

I’d recently started up my first small agency, XLD Studios, after having ran several community websites for a few years. WordPress started to get some good PR and after struggling with it for a while (everything has its learning curve), I got into building themes for it…and the rest is as they say, history.

How do you work with WordPress today?

There certainly are less boundaries for when WordPress is not a good fit today than there were even a few years ago. Not only are we building some incredible websites for customers, but we are able to be exploring it as a full backend system with the API as well.

While a lot has changed over the years, many things are the same. I still do a lot of UI development with WordPress.

What has changed most dramatically is how much more of my daily website development work is being done in PHP with plugins, functions and “nice coding structures” today, as opposed to how relatively lighweight-in-PHP themes in WordPress used to be. You could say I’ve in part had to learn PHP with WordPress.

What do you like most about WordPress?

I’ll admit this is not the first time I’ve gotten the question. I think the flexibility and how relatively compact it is out of the box attracts me to it. Compared to many other CMSes of the same relative caliber, WordPress is simple out of the box. I like that.

We could argue for days whether core should be reduced or expanded with more features. But in all fairness, I think we have a decent balance that we should be proud of, compared to other systems. Is it perfect? By no means. Is it still pretty darn good? You bet!

How do you see WordPress changing in the next few years?

WordPress is going to be evolving with the web. We are just seeing the REST API enter service now in December and a lot of cool things are undoubtedly going to follow on with that.

I still want to see some advancements in core, or rather, as some sort of official core addons. Multilingual support I think is an area in dire need of an official framework or API for it to really be great. And I would love to see WordPress take a leaf out of some of the enterprise CMS’s book and keep working on both the media and post workflows. With the new API and modular world comes many challenges to the built-in UI workflow too. I want, and hope, to see changes happening there too.

Why did you decide to speak about “Content Marketing Done Right For Everybody” this year?

What is the web without content? Leaving the buzzword content marketing aside for the moment, we’ve always been focused at content when developing websites. Today though, we have so much we need to know about and apply to build successful websites.

From that point of view, I want to offer a workflow for content marketing. From answering the big question of how to find topics to write about, how to optimize them good-enough for SEO through to analyzing the analytics data to evaluate performance.

Too rarely do we combine the niche topics and give the full, broad picture and workflow. That’s why I’m doing my session this year.

Are there any other sessions at WordCamp Stockholm that you look forward to?

Short and sweet: Every session.

There’s just a lot of good things in the schedule. Hopefully I get to sit in on some topics that I might not necessarily deal with every day to pick up some new interesting tidbits and gain a better understanding.

Meet Niklas Högefjord – speaker and developer of WooCommerce extensions

Niklas Högefjord

In today’s speaker interview we’re talking with Niklas Högefjord, founder of e-commerce oriented Krokedil and organizer of the Arvika WordPress Meetup Group. He will talk at WordCamp Stockholm about supporting open source products.

What is your current title and role?

I’m the founder of Krokedil. My role is to do all the stuff that doesn’t get done by anyone else in the company. On a more serious note I spend my time switching between development, sales and managing staff and projects. 

How did you first get started with WordPress?

I was a freelance web developer and around 2006 I realized that the CMS I had built from scratch probably wasn’t the best solution for my clients going forward. I started looking at available open source platforms and used several ones in different projects. But after I found WordPress and did my first project with it (probably around 2007) I never looked back.

How do you work with WordPress today?

Krokedil is an e-commerce focused WordPress agency and most of our time is spent on developing, maintaining and supporting extensions for WooCommerce used by merchants in Scandinavia and other parts of the world.   

What do you like most about WordPress?

The ease of use and the open and friendly community. 

How do you see WordPress changing in the next few years?

WordPress has gone from being a blogging platform to a content management system. I think the usage of WordPress will keep growing but the largest difference in 5 years from now will be that we will see it used more as a headless CMS. A tool to build web applications on top of.

Why did you decide to speak about “Skyldig tills motsatsen bevisats – om support på open source-produkter” this year?

Since we are plugin developers and handle support tickets every day at Krokedil I thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts and experiences around this topic. Perhaps give a couple of tips on how to get the best possible support when you submit your next ticket.

Are there any other sessions at WordCamp Stockholm that you look forward to?

Since I’m into e-commerce I really look forward to listen to Ulrich Pogson and his talk Building multilingual e-commerce sites

“WordPress helps lowering the threshold for new people to make great content online”

This year WordCamp Stockholm is part of Internetdagarna – the largest IT conference in Sweden. We sat down with Niklas Serén, project manager at Internetdagarna to talk about their conference and WordPress.


Hello Niklas! Tell us a little bit about Internetdagarna and IIS!
IIS is a nonprofit organization that, besides managing the top level domain .SE (and .nu), invests in the development of the internet.

Actually, our main goal is to contribute to the “positive development of a free and open internet for all”. Internetdagarna is one way to serve the internet community with knowledge sharing, network and fun!

Why did Internetdagarna decide to host WordCamp Stockholm?
Mainly because WordPress contributes to the above, but also because the community is strong and have a great will to learn. Last year we had a full day of Drupal and we have hosted WordPress-tracks in the past.

How do you feel about WordPress as a CMS?
We use WordPress on all our sites and we have a predisposition for open source applications. For, instance our school competition  “Webbstjärnan” revolves around pupils making sites in WP.

WordPress is a great CMS – and helps lowering the threshold for new people to make great content online – without taking away the opportunity for professional implementations. Just as it should be.


Internetdagarna.se - proudly running on WordPress

Internetdagarna.se – proudly running on WordPress


How do you see Internetdagarna evolving in the future?
We have been sold out for the last two years so we are quite confident we are giving the community a great service. But we always look at improvements and have no fear of reinventing ourselves.
Maybe we want to add an extra day of un-conference, workshops or hackathons…. We will see…


Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!
Thank you!


Don’t forget to join us on the official WordCamp Contribution day on November 23. See the schedule for more information.

“WordCamp Stockholm has the perfect opportunity of forging stronger bonds in the Swedish WordPress community.”

Jack OderlandLet’s put the spotlight on one of our long time sponsor that also helps make this years WordCamp in Stockholm possible. We talked to the founder himself, Jack Oderland who helped sponsor last years event at WordCamp Norrköping 2015. We are grateful of having them as admin sponsors, let’s hear it from Jack himself of why they are sponsoring this years WordCamp.


Can you tell us what your organisation does?

The simple version? We’re a web hosting company. You’ll find both classic web hosting accounts, VPSes, a cloud offering, managed servers and dedicated servers with us. Plus, our “Premium” web hosting packages which have the resources of a smaller VPS with the support and service of a web hosting package.

We like technology and have some extra features in our web hosting accounts that you won’t find with the competition. From one-click SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt to Git on all hosting accounts. And as a WordPress developer, you might appreciate built-in support for wp-cli on all accounts too!

How does WordPress affect your business?

Being a web hosting company, WordPress obviously affects us greatly. There is no question about its popularity, as a majority of websites hosted with us are powered by WordPress.

Naturally, this is different from a technical standpoint compared to for example just static HTML websites. WordPress, and any dynamic website requires its resources.

We are committed to delivering a great experience for site owners and developers alike, with extra support for WordPress features.

Of course WordPress helps us out in our business too. Last year we relaunched our website built using WordPress. A large reason for us choosing WordPress is its ease of use and flexibility for development.

How can WordCamp Stockholm and its attendees help the Swedish WordPress community?

With WordPress being a community driven product, WordCamp Stockholm has the perfect opportunity of forging stronger bonds in the Swedish WordPress community.

We’ve seen first hand how the community is growing stronger. Without us meeting, making friendships, sharing, learning and working together for the future of WordPress, it’s certainly more bright.

Where do you think WordPress is and where does it fit in 5 years from now?

We are clearly in a transition phase with WordPress right now. It’s been years since we referred to WordPress just as a blogging tool, but now we are taking the next big step to an application tool.

The inclusion of the REST Api in WordPress 4.7 marks the beginning of a trans-
formation towards a more flexible backend and component based system. In five years time, that’s where we’ll be. An even stronger, more flexible system that uniquely can power both smaller personal websites, to complex more application-like websites.

We look forward to being part of this journey!

What opportunities are you hoping for at this WordCamp?

Being at WordCamp Stockholm this year, we want two things. First, we want to be able to talk first-hand to our customers. Catch up on how things are going, see what kind of fun things they are building and chatting about their needs and how we can help.

Secondly, we want to talk to new customers about hosting. It’s kind of a thing we’re passionate about, you know? Come by, get some cool swag and chat with us for a while!

Oh, and we’d be lying if we weren’t hoping to go home with some great insights from the sessions too of course.

Finally, the elevator pitch! Tell us why you’re great, in 140 characters or less?

Want a stable website backed up by tech-savvy support? Give us a try! Do you enjoy things as git and wp-cli? We’ve got you covered!

We take care of performance, updates and security

seravocom_teamstockholmCan you tell us what your organisation does?

Seravo is a Nordic cloud hosting company aimed at all WordPress solutions from company sites to online stores, blogs and digital publications. We offer WordPress as a service: we take care of performance, updates and security. We provide an out-of-the-box optimized WordPress and all the tools developers love (Git, WP-CLI, Composer, Gulp etc). For digital and advertising agencies we have good partnership opportunities.

How does WordPress affect your business?

Seravo as a company has a strong background in open source and Linux. When many of our clients started to have similar needs regarding WordPress upkeep, we created a service around it. By offering WordPress as a service we can provide all our customers well maintained sites for an affordable price. We want to offer our customers the best possible WordPress experience and make the world’s most popular content management system safer, faster and more flexible. We are passionate about WordPress and have participated in its development process by being an active member of the WordPress community both in Finland and abroad. Our staff has also contributed code to WordPress core, made translations and we’ve published multiple plugins as open source at WordPress.org. For more check out our GitHub account.

How can WordCamp Stockholm and its attendees help the Swedish WordPress community?

WordCamps are great opportunities to meet like-minded WordPress people, to learn and share ideas as well as get new business opportunities. WordCamp Stockholm will hopefully make the voice of the Swedish WordPress community heard even louder!

Where do you think WordPress is and where does it fit in 5 years from now?

We believe that in the coming years, WordPress will remain as the number one choice of content management systems. It will also be the base for even more complex websites, for global online stores and even app development thanks to the WP API. It is clear that WordPress is a credible choice for enterprise scale solutions as well as for public sector. Our job is to keep our WordPress sites running whatever happens. Being obsessed by quality and security, we are especially proud of our system of tested updates which has made the lives of our customers a lot easier.

What opportunities are you hoping for at this WordCamp?

Seravo has proven to be a great success in Finland growing by 10% every month. Now we are going international. By participating in WordCamp Stockholm we wish to get in contact with fellow Nordic WordPress makers, get a view on the Swedish web development market and of course also learn more about the latest trends and features in WordPress. We are especially hoping to meet Swedish digital agencies and show how we could help them in their daily work. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the sponsor stand – meanwhile you can follow @Seravocom on Twitter and visit Seravo.com to get a deeper insight of our services.

Finally, the elevator pitch! Tell us why you’re great, in 140 characters or less?

Seravo is the only hosting service in the world that also monitors and upkeeps your WordPress site 24/7. We even update the plugins!

PS. Vi talar också svenska!

What To Do in Stockholm

Stockholm is full of a variety of unique activities and attractions.  Daytime tourist destinations, night time clubs, becoming the 5th ABBA member, shopping sprees, a geek’s dream, and restaurants are all just minutes away. Below are some tips for you during your stay!


Tourist Attractions :

The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace of Stockholm is His Majesty The King’s official residence and is also the setting for most of the monarchy’s official receptions. The palace is a daily place of work for The King and Queen as well as for the various departments that make up the Royal Court.

Fotografiska Museet
Fotografiska is an international meeting place where everything revolves around photography. Located in the heart of Stockholm, the museum has an exhibition space of 2,500 square meters, and features 4 major exhibitions per year and approximately 15-20 minor exhibitions.

The Vasa Museum
The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628. After 333 years on the sea bed the mighty warship was salvaged and the voyage could continue. Today Vasa is the world’s only preserved 17th century ship and the most visited museum in Scandinavia.

Busy Monday @ #theVasaMuseum Många måndagsbesökare i Skeppshallen idag! @vasamuseet

A post shared by Vasamuseet / The Vasa Museum (@vasamuseet) on

City Hall
Stockholm City Hall, with its spire featuring the golden Three Crowns, is one of the most famous silhouettes in Stockholm. It is one of the country’s leading examples of national romanticism in architecture. The City Hall was designed by the architect Ragnar Östberg is built from eight million bricks.

Tekniska Museet
As Sweden´s biggest museum of technology, we also have a national charter to preserve our technological and industrial history as part of our cultural heritage.

Gamla Stan (Old Town)
Gamla Stan, the Old Town, is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe, and one of the foremost attractions in Stockholm. This is where Stockholm was founded in 1252.

ABBA: The Museum
ABBA The Museum is more than an ordinary museum. Naturally, the members’ costumes, gold records, original items, memorabilia, and much, much more are here. But at this museum you are an important part of the experience! We simply want you to experience the feeling of being the 5th ABBA member.

Gröna Lundamusement Park
Gröna Lund is an amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden. It is on the seaward side of Djurgården Island. Lots of restaurants and concerts, too!

Sightseeing Tours :

City Sightseeing Stockholm Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
See the spectacular sights of Stockholm during a City Sightseeing hop-on, hop-off bus tour. Disembark whenever an attraction captures your interest then simply await the next City Sightseeing bus when you want to continue your tour. Venture to 14 stops scattered around the city, seeing legendary landmarks like the Vasa Museum, the Stockholm Royal Palace and the Gamla Stan.

Under the Bridges of Stockholm Tour
The complete boat sightseeing tour if you’re looking to see Stockholm from the water! Step on board and let us guide you to the most famous parts of the city. We’ll travel under fifteen bridges and pass through a lock that is connecting the Baltic Sea with Lake Mälaren.

Nightlife :

The vibe in the streets of Södermalm is relaxed, creative and trendy, especially in the Sofo area. This neighborhood offers a myriad of vintage stores, eclectic shops, Swedish fashion, galleries and design stores, mixed with an abundance of places to eat and drink.

Stureplan is more than an address, it is Stockholm’s symbol for luxury and style. Business people, models and celebrities teem past the square’s famous “mushroom” to visit some of the city’s most exclusive clubs and restaurants. The velvet ropes are very popular so be prepared for long lines and selective entry (sometimes VIP only)!

Where to Stay in Stockholm

WordCamp will be held at the Waterfront Congress Centre, which is located right next to the harbor and Stockholm’s Central Station.

The closest location you can stay at is the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel (2 246 SEK). This is directly connected to the Waterfront Congress Centre. The hotel boasts that it “provides an ideal location in the heart of the city. Many of the 414 sleek rooms and suites combine thoughtful amenities with scenic views of the bay area and city hall. RBG Bar & Grill offers convenient on-site dining with delicious international cuisine.”


Get a Good Deal with Hotel Urban Deli

We have partnered with Hotel Urban Deli (1 090 SEK) for a deal on hotel rates. The hotel describes itself as “perfectly located right next to the subway station and only a few blocks from Stockholm Central Station. Hotel With Urban Deli offers 106 designed rooms conveniently placed one floor below ground level. To guarantee a perfect night sleep we have equipped the rooms with comfortable beds, nice bed linen and soundproof doors. On top of that there’s no disturbing sunlight! If you are interested in tech specs; all rooms have extra large TVs, good sound system as well as probably the fastest wifi in Sweden!”
www.hotelwith.se/en (use code Triggerfish16 on the website for discount)

Below is a list of popular and well known hotels nearby the Congress Centre. You will see descriptions from the hotel’s themselves along with an estimate cost per night:

Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel (2 156 SEK)
Guests can walk to nearby sites like Stockholm Central Station and the House of Culture. Other popular destinations lie within a 2-kilometer radius including Stockholm Concert Hall, where Nobel Prize winners are honored. Elegant styling and modern amenities also set this 4-star accommodation apart. Standard conveniences in all 459 rooms and suites include a mini bar and Free high-speed, wireless Internet.

Elite Hotel Adlon (2 650 SEK)
The Elite Hotel Adlon is housed in a classical building on Vasagatan in central Stockholm. The charming hotel now offers 121 hotel rooms. It offers the best location next to the Central Station.

Scandic Klara (2 871 SEK)
A quiet corner in the midst of all the commerce where you can have a conference in modern facilities with a welcoming atmosphere. Take some time for yourself and slip into the sauna after exercising in the gym or sit back in the restaurant for a bite to eat. You stay in the midst of the commerce, on a quiet street which runs parallel to the Drottninggatan shopping street. You can easily reach all that Stockholm has to offer from here.


Nordic C has an Icebar

Nordic C Hotel (730 SEK)
Our location in Stockholm is unbeatably central. Shopping streets, sights and museums are within walking distance, and we are the perfect base for your stay in the Swedish capital. Don’t miss a unique visit to ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL STOCKHOLM, located in our hotel. There’s no cooler bar in town.

BEST WESTERN PLUS Time Hotel (1 845 SEK)
A wonderful four-star hotel, centrally located in Stockholm. At Time Hotel we welcome you with a warm atmosphere in a vibrant part of central Stockholm. Our hotel located minutes from Odenplan has a modern, Asian-inspired design that will make your stay extra enjoyable. All our guests are welcomed into a large, airy lobby with bright colors which will make you feel at home! All of our guests have free Wi-Fi and access to our relaxation room with sauna. Hotel guests have free access to the gym and pool nearby Planet Fitness

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel (2 466 SEK)
The Sheraton Stockholm Hotel is situated in the heart of Stockholm’s central business district. At the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel we offer magnificent views. From our view room you can see the historical buildings of the Old Town, the southern island in the background, and last but not least – City Hall.

Hilton Stockholm Slussen (2 890 SEK)
Find Hilton Stockholm Slussen in the hip Södermalm area, with fantastic views over the water and Old Town. Stay just a walk away from top attractions and the city center. Take in the airy decor and natural light that make up our accommodations and indulge at our two restaurants and bar. Meet with colleagues, then venture out and explore all Stockholm has to offer. Whether you’re here for work or play, our hotel serves as the perfect base.

Lady Hamilton Hotel (1 865 SEK)
Lady Hamilton Hotel is a personal, feminine and romantic hotel with a superb location next to the Royal Palace in Old Town. The charming atmosphere adds to the wonderful collection of folk style antiques that can be found throughout the hotel.

If you want a unique stay outside of established hotels, you can also look for Airbnb locations throughout and around Stockholm:

“We think WordPress will grow even more and get more enterprise friendly”

Emil Marklund UX och webbutveckling Cybercom

One of our Editor sponsors is Cybercom Group. We’ve interviewed Emil Marklund about why they are choosing to support our community.

Can you tell us what your organization does?

As makers of tomorrow we are your partner in strategic advisory, innovation, creation, testing and management of digital solutions that are ahead of the curve. Our specialist fields are; Digitalisation, Internet of Things, Secure Connectivity and Managed Cloud Services.

How does WordPress affect your business?

WordPress are one of our CMS platforms of choice. WordPress gives us a future proof, open source platform with millions of supporters around the globe. Our hard core WordPress team have been building web sites and intranets with greats success for many years now. Our customers belong both in the public and private sector.

How can WordCamp Stockholm and its attendees help the Swedish WordPress community?

By demonstrate and discuss different WordPress implementation the community gets new arguments and inspiration to suggesting WordPress for new customers and business cases around Sweden.

Where do you think WordPress is and where does it fit in 5 years from now?

We think WordPress will grow even more and get more enterprise friendly. It is already a serious contender in the government sector and will keep getting better and easier to customise.

What opportunities are you hoping for at this WordCamp?

To meet existing customers, expand our WordPress-network. Lear more, get inspired and hopefully find some new business opportunities

Finally, the elevator pitch! Tell us why you’re great, in 140 characters or less?

We are makers of tomorrow. With business savviness, hard work and technology expertise we turn digital opportunities into tangible business results. The Cybercom creation approach is a transparent and agile engagement model, ready to create anything from websites, mobile applications and digital services.