WordPress has gone from being a blogging platform to a content management system


Can you tell us what your organisation does?

We’re an e-commerce focused WordPress agency from the forests of Värmland. Or Arvika to be exact. Most of our time is spent on developing, maintaining and supporting a number of WooCommerce extensions used by merchants in Scandinavia and other parts of the world.
We also do regular project work where we develop websites and e-commerce stores for clients in Sweden and Norway.

How does WordPress affect your business?

It’s extremely central. WordPress is the technical foundation that we build the majority of our business upon. The community around WordPress has also affected us greatly by being a hub for learning new stuff, making new friends and finding employees.

How can WordCamp Stockholm and its attendees help the Swedish WordPress community?

By making connections and building a stronger Swedish WordPress Community. This way we will hopefully see more future WordPress meetups being organized in different Swedish cities.

Where do you think WordPress is and where does it fit in 5 years from now?

WordPress has gone from being a blogging platform to a content management system. I think the usage of WordPress will keep growing but the largest difference in 5 years from now will be that we will see it used more as a headless CMS.

What opportunities are you hoping for at this WordCamp?

Meeting new WordPress geeks and reconnecting with friends that I’ve meet at previous WordCamps. Also, hoping to meet a WooCommerce developer that might be interested in working for a small company in the western parts of Värmland 🙂

Finally, the elevator pitch! Tell us why you’re great, in 140 characters or less?

Krokedil is an experienced e-commerce and WordPress agency. We love our job and we deliver good stuff. That’s it.

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