Meet Jimmy and Toni – speakers with a passion for continous delivery

Jimmy Rosén and Toni Cherfan

Meet Jimmy and Toni, both working in Norrköping, Östergötland, for clients using WordPress. They will share their knowledge on processes and continous delivery.

What are your current titles and roles?

Jimmy: I am the CEO of Angry Creative & Synotio. I oversee process and important projects at Angry Creative & Synotio.

Toni: I am the CTO at Synotio. I architect beautiful solutions and help clients scale their applications.

How did you first get started with WordPress?

Jimmy: I got in contact with it while designing and programming in my dorm room. Earliest contact was already in 2005, but I began working more professionally with WordPress 2007 and full-time in 2009 after I finished my masters degree.

Toni: I worked as a sysadmin, and it is pretty much impossible to do that without coming in contact with WordPress.

How do you work with WordPress today?

Jimmy: We do custom development, management and hosting. We’re very good with the technical aspects and our bureau partners and clients can rely that we deliver a rock-solid service where they don’t have to worry.

Toni: I mainly work with helping clients with very high amounts of visitors optimise their application and surrounding components for peak performance. I also help build process so that we maintain a very high level of security while developers get just the right amount of access for doing their job.

What do you like most about WordPress?

Jimmy: The community and that there are som many people willing to give and share their knowledge. Its a beautiful thing. Open source helps to build both micro and macro economies.

Toni: It has a very large community with a lot of pre-built components. It is pretty easy to fork and/or contribute, making development projects very fast compared to other solutions.

How do you see WordPress changing in the next few years?

Jimmy: I think WordPress will have an even larger market share. I truly hope that more open source projects in the community ship tests with their plugins, and that a lot of the legacy code in strange architecture in core gets revamped. And I hope that we can help with that.

Toni: I think more enterprise clients will choose WordPress, and this will reflect the direction of core and the entire ecosystem.

Why did you decide to speak about “From cowboy coding to continuous delivery” this year?

Jimmy: Our community needs a greater understanding about process and why it is important. By telling about our mistakes over the last 10+ years I hope that we can help others.

Toni: What he said. 

Are there any other sessions at WordCamp Stockholm that you look forward to?

Jimmy: A ton of them! Im excited to hear Niklas Högefjords talk on “Skyldig tills motsatsen bevisats – om support på open source-produkter”. A lot of people think of open source in the wrong way. The proper way is to think is free as in free speech, not free beer.

Toni: I mostly came for the free beer. 

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