“WordCamp Stockholm has the perfect opportunity of forging stronger bonds in the Swedish WordPress community.”

Jack OderlandLet’s put the spotlight on one of our long time sponsor that also helps make this years WordCamp in Stockholm possible. We talked to the founder himself, Jack Oderland who helped sponsor last years event at WordCamp Norrköping 2015. We are grateful of having them as admin sponsors, let’s hear it from Jack himself of why they are sponsoring this years WordCamp.


Can you tell us what your organisation does?

The simple version? We’re a web hosting company. You’ll find both classic web hosting accounts, VPSes, a cloud offering, managed servers and dedicated servers with us. Plus, our “Premium” web hosting packages which have the resources of a smaller VPS with the support and service of a web hosting package.

We like technology and have some extra features in our web hosting accounts that you won’t find with the competition. From one-click SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt to Git on all hosting accounts. And as a WordPress developer, you might appreciate built-in support for wp-cli on all accounts too!

How does WordPress affect your business?

Being a web hosting company, WordPress obviously affects us greatly. There is no question about its popularity, as a majority of websites hosted with us are powered by WordPress.

Naturally, this is different from a technical standpoint compared to for example just static HTML websites. WordPress, and any dynamic website requires its resources.

We are committed to delivering a great experience for site owners and developers alike, with extra support for WordPress features.

Of course WordPress helps us out in our business too. Last year we relaunched our website built using WordPress. A large reason for us choosing WordPress is its ease of use and flexibility for development.

How can WordCamp Stockholm and its attendees help the Swedish WordPress community?

With WordPress being a community driven product, WordCamp Stockholm has the perfect opportunity of forging stronger bonds in the Swedish WordPress community.

We’ve seen first hand how the community is growing stronger. Without us meeting, making friendships, sharing, learning and working together for the future of WordPress, it’s certainly more bright.

Where do you think WordPress is and where does it fit in 5 years from now?

We are clearly in a transition phase with WordPress right now. It’s been years since we referred to WordPress just as a blogging tool, but now we are taking the next big step to an application tool.

The inclusion of the REST Api in WordPress 4.7 marks the beginning of a trans-
formation towards a more flexible backend and component based system. In five years time, that’s where we’ll be. An even stronger, more flexible system that uniquely can power both smaller personal websites, to complex more application-like websites.

We look forward to being part of this journey!

What opportunities are you hoping for at this WordCamp?

Being at WordCamp Stockholm this year, we want two things. First, we want to be able to talk first-hand to our customers. Catch up on how things are going, see what kind of fun things they are building and chatting about their needs and how we can help.

Secondly, we want to talk to new customers about hosting. It’s kind of a thing we’re passionate about, you know? Come by, get some cool swag and chat with us for a while!

Oh, and we’d be lying if we weren’t hoping to go home with some great insights from the sessions too of course.

Finally, the elevator pitch! Tell us why you’re great, in 140 characters or less?

Want a stable website backed up by tech-savvy support? Give us a try! Do you enjoy things as git and wp-cli? We’ve got you covered!

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