“WordPress helps lowering the threshold for new people to make great content online”

This year WordCamp Stockholm is part of Internetdagarna – the largest IT conference in Sweden. We sat down with Niklas Serén, project manager at Internetdagarna to talk about their conference and WordPress.


Hello Niklas! Tell us a little bit about Internetdagarna and IIS!
IIS is a nonprofit organization that, besides managing the top level domain .SE (and .nu), invests in the development of the internet.

Actually, our main goal is to contribute to the “positive development of a free and open internet for all”. Internetdagarna is one way to serve the internet community with knowledge sharing, network and fun!

Why did Internetdagarna decide to host WordCamp Stockholm?
Mainly because WordPress contributes to the above, but also because the community is strong and have a great will to learn. Last year we had a full day of Drupal and we have hosted WordPress-tracks in the past.

How do you feel about WordPress as a CMS?
We use WordPress on all our sites and we have a predisposition for open source applications. For, instance our school competition  “Webbstjärnan” revolves around pupils making sites in WP.

WordPress is a great CMS – and helps lowering the threshold for new people to make great content online – without taking away the opportunity for professional implementations. Just as it should be.


Internetdagarna.se - proudly running on WordPress

Internetdagarna.se – proudly running on WordPress


How do you see Internetdagarna evolving in the future?
We have been sold out for the last two years so we are quite confident we are giving the community a great service. But we always look at improvements and have no fear of reinventing ourselves.
Maybe we want to add an extra day of un-conference, workshops or hackathons…. We will see…


Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!
Thank you!


Don’t forget to join us on the official WordCamp Contribution day on November 23. See the schedule for more information.

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